Precious Moments

I was lucky enough today to have one of those spiritual teaching moments with my boys, Scott & Toby.  They had just asked their dad today a question about some extended family members they were concerned about.  Scott wanted to know if they would get to be in the celestial kingdom or not?  Well, on the way to my niece’s baby blessing today we talked about that subject most of the way up there, which led to missionary talk.  They both wanted to know all about missions and were very determined to serve one.  We spoke about the purpose of life and why we want to share the gospel with others.  We also spoke about respecting other people and how we should love everyone no matter what they believe.  It was awesome to answer there questions and hear their responses to such important subjects.  What it all boiled down to is what is this life all about!  How can we make this life the best possible?  They were so receptive to my answers and it was incredible to bear my testimony to them over and over again during that 30 minute ride!  These are truly precious moments in my life!

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Sweet new hair do!

It is always fun to watch your children learn and explore things.  Especially these little ones that think they are really great at new things.  My littlest girl Fiona was not able to come with us to the family get together today for Erica’s blessing due to her sickness.  She instead stayed behind with her dad.  When I returned home later today I got quite a surprise when I took a good look at her new hair do!  According to her dad she had gone up to use the bathroom and was up there longer then usual.  He checked up on her after she had taken the scissors to her beautiful strawberry blonde hair!  She told him: “Mommy is going to be so proud of me, look how great I did!”  Boy was I ever proud!  HE HE!  When I saw her I could tell she was very concerned at what my reaction would be.  I asked nicely: “Did you cut your hair today?”  She responded shaking her head yes and smiling like she was excited that I liked it!  I said: “Wow~  When did you do that?”  She immediately burst into tears.  I hugged her and assured her I was not angry, just surprised!  As she relaxed a bit, I asked her, “So why did you cut it honey?”  She retaliated saying: “I don’t want to talk about it right now!”  Needless to say I had to convince her a little later that we would be need to visit the hair dresser tomorrow to make sure it is the prettiest it can be, because as you can see from the photo I will be posting, it isn’t QUITE there yet!  AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  So there it is~  these little experiences sure do teach us BOTH a lot!

Here’s a picture of the Fiona’s personal hair cut (by herself)!
The Fiona Chop!

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Thank You WalMart!

Driving home with all the kids in the car, I didn’t fully come to a stop at a stop sign and caught sight of a police car in wait. WalMart was the next turn in, which I quickly took. Looking back I saw the police car was moving to intercept, so I pulled into an open parking stall and waited! Looking through the forest of windshields, I could see the Police car patrolling, slowly moving on by… was he looking for me I wondered!
So thanks WalMart for helping me evade a ticket today! … that is if the Officer was going to pull me over!

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Arduino Fun – Science Experiment #1

The Arduino Duemilanove board is such a fun little thing to play with.

Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software.

Both Scott and Toby helped out in creating a visual and audible light detector.
We used:

  • 8 Light Emitting Diodes
  • 9 resistors
  • 1 photo resistor
  • 1 piezo speaker

here is what our Arduino experimental board looked like:

We ended up creating the following C file to upload to our Arduino board to test it out. We found that in total darkness, all the LED’s are lit and there is no tone emitted. Whereas walking outside turned all the LED’s off and the speaker output a high note.

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GeoCaching Milestone

Today, Scott and myself went GeoCaching around the east side of Utah lake. We were in search of “travel bugs” and “GeoCoins” but came up empty handed! We raced to the last cache in the hopes of finding something grand, but couldn’t even find the cache!
But the good news is that Scott was able to place his first Travel Bug into the system. We called his Travel Bug “All American Scott” since that’s the name of his gym and we wanted to add a gymnastic spin to the goal of the travel bug.
We hope the travel bug will make it’s way to Scotland and find lots of people with medals (hopefully fellow gymnasts) that will, hopefully, take pictures of themselves (with their medals) and post them on the travel bugs homepage.
Feel free to join along in the adventure of Scott’s travel bug at the following URL:

All American Scott Travel Bug

Happy travels Travel Bug!

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BlackBerry Splat

I worked on a video sequence for a presentation to other Bankruptcy staff nationwide. Part of that video included some BlackBerry destruction!

Take a look at what we came up with:

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Are Baby Boomers forcing us to Socialism?

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has just entered retirement. Someone who has suffered a considerable cut in their retirement money (if they have any left at all) and faced with another 20 – 30 years of longevity.
Faced with a lack of substantial income, increasing health costs, living expenses & with a desire to stay up with the Jones’… do you think this type of person would be more susceptible to consider the benefits of socialism? Benefits that would now swing to their favor, to help those who cannot help themselves anymore.
I would stake a claim that a majority of Republican voters who approach / enter retirement would swing their vote in favor of a more socialistic idea, to aid them in their approaching, cash strapped, years.
I wonder what percentage of these baby boomers are really thinking like this, or who may have already swung their vote.
Could the Baby Boomers be responsible for plunging America into Socialism?

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Oddfellows Building – New Camera Alert!

Was asked to setup a different camera angle to capture the building as it reaches it’s final destination. There is a road in between where the building is now and this view. I wish I could capture the road, but this is the best I can get.

Ready to receive a building!

Ready to receive a building!

Have installed a Logitech USB QuickPro 9000 USB webcam onto a Fedora Core 11 box, running fswebcam (with the logitech libwebcam driver). It’s capturing a shot (1600×1200) every 8 seconds from 6am to 9pm. What I really like about this method is that fswebcam is setup to run in the background (daemon) and so I can simply instruct cron to start in the morning and stop at night. NICE! This is a much better solution than my initial setup. What blows me away is that this is is all from a cheap $99 logitech 2MB webcam! Sure – we have a perspective issue (since it’s such a small lens) and an issue with the depth of field, but not bad!

Looking forward to getting back from Denver and Florida with snapshots for me to put into a movie. See you in 2 weeks.

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GPS ‘Saves the Day’, over & over again!

Our recent family trip to San Diego California, wouldn’t have been a great success without our Mobile TomTom GPS unit.Not only did we find it incredibly useful for navigation but also for safety.

One night we were driving back to Ramona, on a twisty mountain road, and behind me was a very aggressive driver. There were no street lights, just our car headlights licking the road. We’ve all been there, I’m sure, and your two options are to either pull over or something bad is going to happen!

GPS to the rescue! I looked over at the unit and discovered that my new best friend was showing me the route together with the angle of the approaching corners! After a few attempts of calibrating my speed and turning radius – I had it down! and oh – how sweet it was! I was actually pulling away from the speedster.

The beast I was driving helped too though, Kristy’s v8 5.8 Liter Ford Explorer with AdvanceTrac. Boy did I make use of it that night! It was just so fun to be able to predict the degree of turn and how much speed I should apply. I could also see whether to power out of a corner or not. I felt the GPS gave me the experience I lacked to navigate a road I had never driven.

So you see, GPS just doesn’t tell you where to go, but also how to get their safely (while having a whole bunch of fun at the time!). Oh – I need to mention that I didn’t program a destination, we just had it turned on.

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Take the bus!

It’s been 18 years since I’ve been able to get to work just by bus! Well, today I can stop counting the years.
I only have to walk about 1/4 mile to catch a bus which dropped me off right outside my office, 1 hour and 40 miles later! Now that is sweet :)
I could get used to this again!

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