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My Rube Goldburg Machine

When my dad came home from work today I asked him to help me with a project that was due for science. At first it was quite fun…but it quickly grew into a gruesome 3 hours of hard work and … Continue reading

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The Bird that got away!

I am a villain and a very bad man! My oldest, Scott, was so excited to have found a female canary for only $25 dollars on-line the other day. He had called the guy and arranged for me to stop … Continue reading

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Foot and Mouth in Eagle Mountain, UT!

Just when you thought nothing else could happen in Eagle Mountain, along comes the plague of foot and mouth! Well – that is my foot and Kristy’s mouth! What a week of fun it’s been! Sunday night I landed on … Continue reading

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Chilly Billy to be replaced by Open Source!

As a young child, Peter Mayle opened up a whole new dimension to my impressionable little mind. A fictional character called Chilly Billy was brought to life in my own fridge! I couldn’t wait to go home to try and … Continue reading

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Athlete of the year: Scott

We had the chance to attend a banquet a few weeks ago held at All American Gymnastics, which Scott and Toby attend. Part of the evening was an award presentation to gymnasts who had impressed the coaches. Both Kristy and … Continue reading

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Proud Mom!

My two boys, Scott and Toby had their first meet of the season on Saturday.  Scott is currently competing Level 6 and Toby is competing Level 5.  It is Scott’s second season as a L6 and Toby’s first season as … Continue reading

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Great Children!

Yesterday was crazy and I had a lot to do.  The kids were locked into what I had to do and not able to do much of what they wanted.  We created this little giving tree for our family.  It … Continue reading

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Tis the season!

So it is Christmas, yet again, and what better way to greet this season than to listen to the radio station that plays the same old Christmas songs over and over again! I decided to start listening to them early … Continue reading

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Fiona’s gift logic!

Cute thing Fiona said tonight at dinner!  “I don’t want to get you and dad a present for Christmas Mom!”  I responded in a sad joking tone — “Why not!”  She said: “Because it is too hard to know what … Continue reading

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Meeting Dad at the airport!

Ian was coming home from his last business trip of the year Sunday night.  The kids and I decided it would be fun to go up to the airport to greet him.  I guess I forgot you can’t go to … Continue reading

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