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Proud Mom!

My two boys, Scott and Toby had their first meet of the season on Saturday.  Scott is currently competing Level 6 and Toby is competing Level 5.  It is Scott’s second season as a L6 and Toby’s first season as … Continue reading

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Great Children!

Yesterday was crazy and I had a lot to do.  The kids were locked into what I had to do and not able to do much of what they wanted.  We created this little giving tree for our family.  It … Continue reading

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Fiona’s gift logic!

Cute thing Fiona said tonight at dinner!  “I don’t want to get you and dad a present for Christmas Mom!”  I responded in a sad joking tone — “Why not!”  She said: “Because it is too hard to know what … Continue reading

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Meeting Dad at the airport!

Ian was coming home from his last business trip of the year Sunday night.  The kids and I decided it would be fun to go up to the airport to greet him.  I guess I forgot you can’t go to … Continue reading

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Precious Moments

I was lucky enough today to have one of those spiritual teaching moments with my boys, Scott & Toby.  They had just asked their dad today a question about some extended family members they were concerned about.  Scott wanted to … Continue reading

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Sweet new hair do!

It is always fun to watch your children learn and explore things.  Especially these little ones that think they are really great at new things.  My littlest girl Fiona was not able to come with us to the family get … Continue reading

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A special veteran’s day

I wasn’t thinking too much about today being veteran’s day except that the mail wasn’t delivered and that Ian had the day off (being a government employee). Until I picked up Scott from school.  He came out looking sad as … Continue reading

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6th pregnancy

Ok, that was scary to put. Yes it is my 6th pregnancy, but only my 4th child is coming. I have had 2 miscarriages which they count. I am pregnant now and all is well. When I had my first … Continue reading

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about me, Kristy

Since I have just joined onto this blog site I thought I would talk about myself a bit. I am a crazy mother of three crazy children and a wife to a crazy husband! I love being a mother. It … Continue reading

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