My Rube Goldburg Machine

When my dad came home from work today I asked him to help me with a project that was due for science. At first it was quite fun…but it quickly grew into a gruesome 3 hours of hard work and thinking. Why? well its for school and its due in two weeks. I’ll do any school project even if its at the last minute. So anyway I decided I would get it done early so I wouldn’t have to worry about it in the future. I didn’t expect it to be as complicated as it was. It turned out that I would be turning off a kitchen light switch in a very complicated way. I must admit I get frustrated very easily  so when things don’t work out…let’s just say I get pretty upset. It took about three tries to finally get it to work. I think we did a pretty good job…I give a lot of credit to my dad for his awesome ideas and I’m so grateful to have parents that are so willing to help whenever they can. The candle was entirely my dads idea which was my favorite part.

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