The Bird that got away!

I am a villain and a very bad man!

My oldest, Scott, was so excited to have found a female canary for only $25 dollars on-line the other day.
He had called the guy and arranged for me to stop by and buy the bird.
I thought I was all prepared by taking an older, cleaned out, cage with a big blanket to keep the bird calm during the drive. I drove with the cage in-mind as to not need to stop too urgently. It was a gorgeous day and so I rolled the front windows down, thinking the bird would still be safe under the blanket. I even thought the bird my enjoy some fresh air! However, my my attempts at ‘safe-driving’ were cut short by somebody who sought to take advantage of the space between me and the car in front.
As fate would deliver, the approaching traffic lights were turning red and I was required to step on the brakes at an alarming rate. In the juggle of gauging distances and anticipating the bird cage rolling and while trying to close the 2 front windows, the bird cage fell over and out sprang the bird!
I was surprised at how quickly it navigated the interior of my vehicle and before I knew it, it had flown right out of my window!
I tried spotting the bird to see which direction to maybe retrieve it, but the car behind me didn’t appreciate the delay.
I turned around and headed back to ‘the bird man’, only to dish out another $25 for a lesson well learned!
Poor little bird, I hope she’s ok, wherever she decided to rest.
I could recover from this little accident though, nobody had to know about it. But then I recall that I had called home and told them how beautiful it was and described it’s colour with precision. Bird #2 didn’t align with my previous statements! Gulp… I headed home and hoped for the best.
“It’s kind of orangey” was the first words uttered from Scott!
Doh – my cover was broken, but I remained calm and collected… “Yeah – kind of orangey yellow” was my reply, “it must be due to the lights”. That seemed to satisfy, but I think he knew that something wasn’t quite right.
Scott and my other kids still don’t know what happened on my trip home with bird #1, however it seems to have caused the giggles with Kristy whenever anything about bird #2 is mentioned.
Therefore I vote I should be banned from future pet delivery services!
Better leave some bird food out for Bird #1, it’ll help me sleep better anyway!

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2 Responses to The Bird that got away!

  1. A bird in hand is worth $25 out the window! Is this something for Scott to shoot at with his new 22?

  2. Marc Haddock says:

    As Sharon wanted to say: “A bird in the car is worth two in the bush.”

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