Foot and Mouth in Eagle Mountain, UT!

Just when you thought nothing else could happen in Eagle Mountain, along comes the plague of foot and mouth!

Well – that is my foot and Kristy’s mouth!

What a week of fun it’s been! Sunday night I landed on my ankle while navigating over a gymnastics mat in the basement! and Kristy had to have a fractured molar removed! At 7pm on Tuesday, all is calm… me elevating my leg (doing what men do well – relaxing), and Kristy keeping to her busy schedule of teaching gymnastics.

I have to say that Kristy is my hero. What an unbelievable woman she is. Her energy is just so amazing that I wonder how she pushes through.  She experienced toothache Sunday afternoon and finally succumbed to the pain Tuesday morning. A quick visit to Dr. Vogel soon took care of her pain problem though, but she presses on, determined not to have her day fuddled up. What an inspiration she is.

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  1. Marc Haddock says:

    And now you have time to figure out what ails that pesky computer of ours!

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