Chilly Billy to be replaced by Open Source!

As a young child, Peter Mayle opened up a whole new dimension to my impressionable little mind. A fictional character called Chilly Billy was brought to life in my own fridge! I couldn’t wait to go home to try and catch him in the act of turning the fridge light on and off. Something had to be turning the light on right? … it had to be Chilly Billy!

So you can imagine my delight when I located a copy of this book on eBay. I had been searching off and on for a few years, hoping to bring Chilly Billy to life in the minds of my own children. Scott, my oldest at 11, instantly wasn’t fooled by such fictional content, but my 3 others were. It was great to see their eyes sparkle with their own imaginative ideas of Chilly Billy. You can ask any of my daughters about Chilly Billy and they’ll have an answer for you. Whenever our new Fridge makes a sound – Chilly Billy! That little banging in the freezer section – Chilly Billy! Somebody has to keep the ice from sticking together right?

Well, sorry to say Chilly, but your days are numbered. Electrolux / Frigidaire have released plans of using Open Source software to provide a new tech approach to maintaining the insides of your fridge.

So yet again, my mind is thinking about possibilities of hacking this device to do other cool things. I think if the fridge knew what was inside it, and could extract an ingredients list and suggest recipes, that would be a pretty cool. Of course food items would need to have an rfid chip and you’d probably have to inform the fridge of how much was available, a few inconveniences, but I would love it. Audio / Video could be attached to recipes or how about your own personal chef to oversee your cooking… maybe a wi-fi camera looking over your shoulder as you prepare! You could bring the whole culinary experience to your own kitchen, with chefs available from all over the world, right at your fridge! Now that is exciting my imagination!

Can Chilly do that? I think not… but hey, somebody still needs to turn the fridge light off and on right?  ;)

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