Proud Mom!

My two boys, Scott and Toby had their first meet of the season on Saturday.  Scott is currently competing Level 6 and Toby is competing Level 5.  It is Scott’s second season as a L6 and Toby’s first season as a L5.  They both looked absolutely awesome.  Polished and perfect as they could be.  Scott ended up with 1st place all around with an outstanding score of 89.1.  Toby came in 5th place all around with a 1st place on vault and a total score of 80.1.  Their teams placed 1st as well and Toby got to be the trophy taker because of his consistent performance at the meet.  What fun it was to watch them both focus and concentrate so hard on each of their events.  They were disciplined and gave their all on everything.  How can I not be proud of such outstanding boys.  We got it all on video and got to show it off to our extended family the next day at Scott’s 11th surprise birthday party.  I can’t help but brag about them, but they earned it all on their own.  I can’t take any credit, I just get to be sooooo PROUD!!!  Way to go BOYS!

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