Great Children!

Yesterday was crazy and I had a lot to do.  The kids were locked into what I had to do and not able to do much of what they wanted.  We created this little giving tree for our family.  It consists of a cut out tree and slips of rolled paper with things we can do for each other to bring the spirit of Christmas into our home.  After they complete the action listed they put a colored star (each color representing a different child) on the tree to show something special has been done.  When I returned home last night from a long day of gymnastics stuff it was later on and the kids were all hungry.  Scott quickly jumped in and helped me make the chocolate chip pancakes.  He was able to make them pretty much all on his own while I cleaned up the kitchen.  The other children played nicely together and let us get it all ready without complaint.  Scott continued to help out by picking things off of the giving tree and doing the things that were listed, which in turn inspired Toby & Alyson to join in.  By the end of the night, they had read the girls stories, told each other what they like about each other, Aly surprised me by cleaning the play room, and brought true joy to our crazy disoriented home.  We had some treats before bed and shared our favorite Christmas memories and it was truly special to me.  These are the moments that make me so proud to be a mom of such fabulous children.  It is these moments that help me to realize what life is all about and what this Christmas season is all about.  Thank you: Scott, Toby, Alyson and Fiona!  You are all wonderful!

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