Meeting Dad at the airport!

Ian was coming home from his last business trip of the year Sunday night.  The kids and I decided it would be fun to go up to the airport to greet him.  I guess I forgot you can’t go to the gates anymore to meet them, you have to wait by the luggage pick up–not as much fun!   I also forgot that my kids are a bunch of monkeys with tons of energy and to make matters worse I have them all in gymnastics so they think they can flip around everywhere they go.  After the hour wait with these monkeys (includes, playing with the luggage carousels, up and down the escalators, playing tag, cartwheels all over the place, and many more crazy stunts) we finally saw Ian coming and we all hid behind the big gray post so he wouldn’t see us.  Toby jumped out and ran to him jumping into his arms!  It was a shocker for Ian — amazingly enough he loved the surprise.  Bringing the chaos to him was just what he wanted !  All in all it was a success and we were even able to help him get home since the car battery was dead and we had to jump start it! Best of all, all my monkeys wanted to ride with Dad!  YEAH!!!   These are the moments that we will all remember some day!  Love all my monkeys and especially their dad!

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