Sweet new hair do!

It is always fun to watch your children learn and explore things.  Especially these little ones that think they are really great at new things.  My littlest girl Fiona was not able to come with us to the family get together today for Erica’s blessing due to her sickness.  She instead stayed behind with her dad.  When I returned home later today I got quite a surprise when I took a good look at her new hair do!  According to her dad she had gone up to use the bathroom and was up there longer then usual.  He checked up on her after she had taken the scissors to her beautiful strawberry blonde hair!  She told him: “Mommy is going to be so proud of me, look how great I did!”  Boy was I ever proud!  HE HE!  When I saw her I could tell she was very concerned at what my reaction would be.  I asked nicely: “Did you cut your hair today?”  She responded shaking her head yes and smiling like she was excited that I liked it!  I said: “Wow~  When did you do that?”  She immediately burst into tears.  I hugged her and assured her I was not angry, just surprised!  As she relaxed a bit, I asked her, “So why did you cut it honey?”  She retaliated saying: “I don’t want to talk about it right now!”  Needless to say I had to convince her a little later that we would be need to visit the hair dresser tomorrow to make sure it is the prettiest it can be, because as you can see from the photo I will be posting, it isn’t QUITE there yet!  AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  So there it is~  these little experiences sure do teach us BOTH a lot!

Here’s a picture of the Fiona’s personal hair cut (by herself)!
The Fiona Chop!

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One Response to Sweet new hair do!

  1. Kari says:

    Wow! Very modern! I’m definitely seeing a career as a hair stylist in her future!

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