Precious Moments

I was lucky enough today to have one of those spiritual teaching moments with my boys, Scott & Toby.  They had just asked their dad today a question about some extended family members they were concerned about.  Scott wanted to know if they would get to be in the celestial kingdom or not?  Well, on the way to my niece’s baby blessing today we talked about that subject most of the way up there, which led to missionary talk.  They both wanted to know all about missions and were very determined to serve one.  We spoke about the purpose of life and why we want to share the gospel with others.  We also spoke about respecting other people and how we should love everyone no matter what they believe.  It was awesome to answer there questions and hear their responses to such important subjects.  What it all boiled down to is what is this life all about!  How can we make this life the best possible?  They were so receptive to my answers and it was incredible to bear my testimony to them over and over again during that 30 minute ride!  These are truly precious moments in my life!

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