GeoCaching Milestone

Today, Scott and myself went GeoCaching around the east side of Utah lake. We were in search of “travel bugs” and “GeoCoins” but came up empty handed! We raced to the last cache in the hopes of finding something grand, but couldn’t even find the cache!
But the good news is that Scott was able to place his first Travel Bug into the system. We called his Travel Bug “All American Scott” since that’s the name of his gym and we wanted to add a gymnastic spin to the goal of the travel bug.
We hope the travel bug will make it’s way to Scotland and find lots of people with medals (hopefully fellow gymnasts) that will, hopefully, take pictures of themselves (with their medals) and post them on the travel bugs homepage.
Feel free to join along in the adventure of Scott’s travel bug at the following URL:

All American Scott Travel Bug

Happy travels Travel Bug!

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