Are Baby Boomers forcing us to Socialism?

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has just entered retirement. Someone who has suffered a considerable cut in their retirement money (if they have any left at all) and faced with another 20 – 30 years of longevity.
Faced with a lack of substantial income, increasing health costs, living expenses & with a desire to stay up with the Jones’… do you think this type of person would be more susceptible to consider the benefits of socialism? Benefits that would now swing to their favor, to help those who cannot help themselves anymore.
I would stake a claim that a majority of Republican voters who approach / enter retirement would swing their vote in favor of a more socialistic idea, to aid them in their approaching, cash strapped, years.
I wonder what percentage of these baby boomers are really thinking like this, or who may have already swung their vote.
Could the Baby Boomers be responsible for plunging America into Socialism?

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One Response to Are Baby Boomers forcing us to Socialism?

  1. Ben says:

    While it may sound abstract maybe aging is motsly a state of mind. This Baby Boomer wants no part of his youth but surely relishes and embraces the wisdom that has come with the aging process. Yup, got some stiffness in the AM, walking 18 holes, while swinging 80+ times, does create a residual muscle effect, those sparse yet controlled draws and fades came with age. This Boomer is happy at 60. This writer is committed to help his fellows get out of the chains of business and turn their hard work into maximum capital. Boomers are powerful!

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