Oddfellows Building – New Camera Alert!

Was asked to setup a different camera angle to capture the building as it reaches it’s final destination. There is a road in between where the building is now and this view. I wish I could capture the road, but this is the best I can get.

Ready to receive a building!

Ready to receive a building!

Have installed a Logitech USB QuickPro 9000 USB webcam onto a Fedora Core 11 box, running fswebcam (with the logitech libwebcam driver). It’s capturing a shot (1600×1200) every 8 seconds from 6am to 9pm. What I really like about this method is that fswebcam is setup to run in the background (daemon) and so I can simply instruct cron to start in the morning and stop at night. NICE! This is a much better solution than my initial setup. What blows me away is that this is is all from a cheap $99 logitech 2MB webcam! Sure – we have a perspective issue (since it’s such a small lens) and an issue with the depth of field, but not bad!

Looking forward to getting back from Denver and Florida with snapshots for me to put into a movie. See you in 2 weeks.

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