GPS ‘Saves the Day’, over & over again!

Our recent family trip to San Diego California, wouldn’t have been a great success without our Mobile TomTom GPS unit.Not only did we find it incredibly useful for navigation but also for safety.

One night we were driving back to Ramona, on a twisty mountain road, and behind me was a very aggressive driver. There were no street lights, just our car headlights licking the road. We’ve all been there, I’m sure, and your two options are to either pull over or something bad is going to happen!

GPS to the rescue! I looked over at the unit and discovered that my new best friend was showing me the route together with the angle of the approaching corners! After a few attempts of calibrating my speed and turning radius – I had it down! and oh – how sweet it was! I was actually pulling away from the speedster.

The beast I was driving helped too though, Kristy’s v8 5.8 Liter Ford Explorer with AdvanceTrac. Boy did I make use of it that night! It was just so fun to be able to predict the degree of turn and how much speed I should apply. I could also see whether to power out of a corner or not. I felt the GPS gave me the experience I lacked to navigate a road I had never driven.

So you see, GPS just doesn’t tell you where to go, but also how to get their safely (while having a whole bunch of fun at the time!). Oh – I need to mention that I didn’t program a destination, we just had it turned on.

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