Origin of Milk from a 2 year old perspective!

“Where does milk come from?” I asked Fiona, my 2 year old who will almost be 3 in 2 months.
“From the fridge!” was her cute reply!
After the funny looks she gave me from laughing at her reply, I asked her “ok, but who makes the milk?”, to which she replied “Mommy!”.

Which made me recall that our understanding of life is what we see around us. The experiences that happen to us and maybe more importantly the outcomes of our decisions. Life is really an experiment, in which we have the ability to put our perspective to action.

I’ve paddled in both the Atlantic and Pacific. Been to the furthest parts of the continental USA. Just to say to myself, ‘I’ve done it’.

To me, this is my way of pushing my understanding of what life really is. My little 2 year old, Fiona, is just embarking on her whole life journey. I hope she has a good one, full of excitement and beauty.

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