Stuck in the snow!

I think I can safely say that I’ve just experienced my worst commute!

It all started at 3:30 pm on Wednesday, February 13th 2008. We were told we could leave early due to the heavy snow. Everybody left expect me! I had the idea to wait and let the traffic calm down before I would start my trek home. News media was filled with congestion and it seemed to only get worse as the night crept on! One road was closed after another, it was then that I decided to join the jam!

Leaving work at 7pm I caught the UTA Trax (tram) heading south, which surprisingly was not affected at all! Arrived at Sandy and waited for my bus, hmmm maybe it will be late! We left Sandy on the 811 bus after 8:40 and headed south. The drive was fine until we reached the point of the mountain (a high point between Salt Lake and Utah counties).  As we started to wait I overhead a women talking about how she had been on the bus for 4 hours! Our driver was supposed to finish his shift at 6pm, but he was still driving at 10pm!

We arrived gradually in the most northern part of Lehi to a traffic jam! 2 major roads had been closed down and people were unable to get home. The bus driver didn’t want to follow his route and asked if we didn’t mind walking to our cars. It was a good idea since we were moving about 5 feet every 2 – 3 minutes! I walked about 1/3 of a mile, passing other occupied cars that were pulled off to the side of the road! After reaching my truck I turned on the ignition and waited for the traffic to loosen up.

Around 10:40 a guy approached my truck and told me a local church was open and that I could seek shelter there. Traffic in the direction of the church was non existent, I think partly because nobody wanted to venture down the back road due to the huge amounts of snow drifts.

I made it to the church and spent about 1.5 hours there waiting for the storm to die down. Which it didn’t so I finally gave in and started to drive home. I got about a mile away from the church and realized the road ahead was closed due to a snow plough blocking the road. At this point I should mention that my truck is a rear wheel drive and during my maneuver my front wheels went off the road. I used a bouncing technique to finally get back on the road and started for home using another route.

Apart from snow covered roads and a few snow ploughs, I was able to reach my house just after 1am Thursday morning!

Kristy (who was teaching her gymnastics class) was caught off guard and had to make arrangements for somebody to watch our kids,  since they were being watched by a baby sitter already. Kristy was unable to reach home so instead made her way to her mothers house and stayed with them till the morning.

All in all it was a commute that I will never forget. But I’m sure glad it’s over!

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