Google’s Gmail to the rescue!

Imagine my surprise to open my email client and see how popular I was! Maybe my lucky day where everybody wants to say ‘HI’ to me!… then I realised it was SPAM email! All 359 of them! Usually I get about 10 a day and I can handle that… but not 359!

I threw the towel in and forwarded all my email addresses to my one main Gmail account. I’ve been running this setup for just under a week and take a guess at how much spam I now see? 1 a few days ago. The really nice thing with Google’s gmail is that if, by chance, you do get a SPAM email, you simple flag it as spam and help all the other gmail users to not see it. It works great. So great in fact that I just switched Kristy over to the same setup.

Now I can spend my time on email that I want to read and not accidentally delete it due to my frustration of being overwhelmed with a TON of spam! Looking for a great reduction in SPAM? take Google’s Gmail for  spin …. it’s free.  2 Thumbs way up for Google :)

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One Response to Google’s Gmail to the rescue!

  1. ian says:

    It’s been just over a week since my original post and my gmail account has filtered over 2,000 spam emails!

    I think I made the move just in time!

    I’ve had about 10 spam emails slip through the google net, but I can handle 10 compared to 2,000.

    Thanks Google.

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