A special veteran’s day

I wasn’t thinking too much about today being veteran’s day except that the mail wasn’t delivered and that Ian had the day off (being a government employee). Until I picked up Scott from school.  He came out looking sad as if he had been crying a little.  He got in the car and I immediately asked him what was wrong.  He looked at me sadly and said "I am happy Mom".  That just didn’t make sense with the mood he seemed to be in. 

At first I thought maybe something happened with a friend that upset him, but then I saw a veteran standing at the front of the school and I noticed Scott looking at him.  I realized they had, had an assembly where they had some veteran’s come and speak to them.  I asked him about that and he closed up a bit.  I could tell it had something to do with how he was behaving.  I then asked him if that was why he was sad.  He replied, "Yes, but it is a happy cry, sometimes people cry when they are happy MOM!!"  Yes, of course they do I told him, but you seem sad, not happy. 

After quizzing him some more he finally told me that they were told a story about the flag that made him a little sad.  He also said that one of the veteran’s shook his hand.  "It was cool, mom!"  He asked me several questions about our country and how come we have freedom and others don’t.  He then, with tears in his eyes told me he was glad to live in America!  That he was happy about our freedoms.  I realized that he was understanding a little bit the great sacrafice these veterans have made to keep our country safe and free.  We proceeded to have an in depth conversation about the army today and what they have to do to protect us.  He said he wasn’t sure he wanted to be one of them or not.  I told him he could make that choice when he is older. 

The neat thing about this to me is that my little 6 year old helped to remind me, his 31 year old mother, what veteran’s day is for and how important it is to remember them and to be grateful for what we have.  I am glad that he got that message today.  As young as he is he came to understand what it means to be an American.  He is a good kid and I am proud of him for showing his emotions for our country.

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