Baby blessings galore!

Today I had the wonderful opportunity of blessing my sweet little baby Fiona. I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint and this is one of those ‘really cool’ moments which I think every father should experience. The Priesthood is the authroity to act in His name – what an awesome task of being able to bless my baby in His name. I never take this lightly, I mean – just try to imagine – what would He say if He was standing there blessing my baby? – – – You can imagine that I had a hard time!! but I’m grateful for the still small voice of the Holy Ghost which helped me prepare for this special event. Fiona is our 4th baby, so I’ve done this before, but it never gets any easier.

Our whole family just took over Wade and Kari’s church meeting! They too were also blessing their baby (Adell Marie) on the same day. We thought it would be a neat experience to bless our babies at the same time (since out of town visitors would find it easier). I was feeling pretty sick though, but for this morning my head was clear.

What a great day it has been. The Church now knows about Fiona officially and hopefully we’ll see her blessings start to unfold. 

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