Princess takes a break.

Alyson broke her arm today! A 2 year old with a broken right arm!! She was sitting on a see-saw (teeter tooter) when one of her nephews went over and thought she’d like it to bounce up and down. Alyson tried to get off but it was moving too fast. Momentum took over and she fell off at the highest point, landing awkwardly on her arm. Kristy instinctively knew that Alyson was hurt more than usual. I mean – Alyson usually just says ‘Ouwhhh’ (kind of like a whisper), but not this time. We took her to our local emergency room and after 4 X-Rays found out that her right arm was broken just above the elbow. Alyson was pretty scared of all the doctors, but came home with a lolipop and another cuddly toy.

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