Is a green lawn really worth it?

From the Bible we read that even a fallen sparrow is loved, yet we want our lawns to look the best, and who really cares if a few birds get in the way!! We had the unfortunate sadness of cleaning up after 3 of our neigbors decided to "Tru-Green" their lawn. They tell you to keep your pets and children off a freshly sprayed lawn for at least an hour, but nobody is telling the birds that. They can’t read a little sign stuck in the front of a yard.

We’ve found 3 baby pine ciskins dead in our back yard together with a decreased bird population attending our feeders. I was worried that only the babies seem to be affected, but my friend and avid bird watcher (Gary Grubb) proposed that the baby birds were feed by their parents (who didn’t ingest the poisoned food, but rather regurgated) and therefore past it onto their young.

We held a funeral service for our little feathered friends (who Scott and Toby had called Chester and Max) . They even made little grave stones out of popcikle sticks and paper. They only saw the two birds, Kristy later found the 3rd. It’s sad to see, especially when we’ve watched mature birds feed and later bring their young with them and feed them right here in our back yard. It was fun to see these little birds flap their wings as their parents shoved food down their necks. But such is the great circle of life, which is bigger than us all, but will forever teach us the ultimate lesson of life.

So the next time you’re thinking about Tru-Chem’ing your lawn – remember the Sparrows which will fall and hopefully choose a more natural, safer approach for getting rid of the weeds. 

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6 Responses to Is a green lawn really worth it?

  1. Ian says:

    We found another Pine Ciskin dead today. That brings the total to 4 dead so far (that we’ve found).

  2. Ian says:

    12 so far… we generally find 2-3 dead baby pine ciskins everyday now. Alyson = picks them up and tries to wake them up! She says “dead bird” and looks very sad.
    Hopefully the count will go down soon.

  3. Ian says:

    We haven’t had a Pine Ciskin visit our feeder for over 3 weeks now. On a normal day we would see about 40 of them hanging around our back yard. Now there are none. It’s very sad to see the extiction of a once visiting bird species to your back yard. I’ve also noticed that Tru-Green has made another visit and applied another ‘treatment’. I only hope this application doesn’t knock out the rest of our back yard birds.

  4. DeAnn says:

    That’s just terrible to hear… my son works for Tru-Green and believe me, after hearing about the bird deaths it makes me think about what he is exposing himself to.

  5. Ian says:

    Tru-Green say to keep off the lawn for about an hour after spraying… so I would assume it is safe for people after that hour, but still – somebody has to mix and apply !!! I’d be concerned about the exposure too.

  6. ian says:

    I need to comment on this entry again! it’s been two years and I’ve not seen one Pine Ciskin in my back yard for the last 2 years! I used to see these birds a lot in the trees around Nolan Park… but not a single Pine Ciskin.

    So is a nice green lawn really worth it?
    I hope it helps you sleep easier at night!

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